You’re probably no stranger to the plentiful amount of animal videos that are posted and shared across social media sites on the Internet. In the computer age, we’re lucky to have access to some endearing, funny, and even inspirational stories which allow us to look at the positive aspects of life.

As a member of the Eddie Croman Foundation, dogs are very close to my heart. It’s always great to see inspiring stories about dogs that can help people understand the bond between humans and dogs. If you’re ever having a bad day, turning to these sources of joy is a great way to cure your blues.

Here are some of my favorite dog stories:

1. Dog Returns to Owner After 2 Years

There are plenty of videos online of dogs reuniting with their owners. This story is particularly heartwarming. An owner reunited with his dog, Chaos, after 2 years apart. The owner, Jose, lost his dog when he fell on hard times. He lost his job, went through a divorce, and ended up living in his car. The owner asked his friend to look after Chaos while he got back on his feet. However, the friend would not give the dog back. When they reunited it was a sight for sore eyes. The excitement of the pup really rubs off on viewers! Check out the video below:

2. Dogs Go Surfing with Owner

Dogs are great companions for almost any activity, including sports. But you might not ever expect to see them on a surf or paddleboard. Australian dog trainer and animal therapist, Chris de Aboitiz, surfs with misbehaving dogs as a form of therapy. For 20 years, he has trained dogs with the help of surfing. Chris says that paddle boarding is a great way to bond with them and build trust, boundaries, and problem-solving. Recently, Chris recorded his dogs surfing the waves with him. These dogs may be more talented than some people!

3. Dog Stays at Master’s Grave for 6 Years

The bond between dogs and their owners can last lifetimes and sometimes beyond. In Argentina, a dog named Capitán went missing for a few days and was eventually found by the grave of his recently deceased master, Miguel Guzmán.

Guzmán died in the hospital and his body was taken to a funeral home far away from his home. The dog had never been to the cemetery before, but when the funeral director showed up, they saw Capitán make a few laps around the graveyard before finding his owner’s grave. Like clockwork, the dog continues to visit his owner’s grave everyday at 6 p.m.

Now, that’s dedication! You can also check out another similar, heartwarming story about the Italian dog Ciccio who visits the church of his deceased owner every day for mass.

A white fluffy dog look sad on a stone slab.

4. Dog Stands Guard over Friend

Dogs are dedicated to their owners, but they’re also dedicated to each other. Tillie and Phoebe went missing and their owners feared the worse. Phoebe, a basset hound, became trapped in a cistern and hurt her leg, but Tillie stood on guard by her side for over a week. A volunteer search team finally found them and USA Today reported the story. The dedication of these pets reminds us that dedication and love is out there!

Golden retriever parents watches over puppies.

5. Derby the Dog Gets 3D-Printed Legs

A Husky named Derby was born with deformed front legs, but that didn’t stop the pup from getting around. Even though Derby tried to walk, ihe got cuts and injuries on his legs. However, a 3D printing company decided to create and donate a fully customized pair of prosthetic legs so the dog could walk and run around. Now the dog is happy to run and live life without getting caught on different types of terrain. This inspiring story shows how even without prosthetics Derby was a happy dog, but now we’re happy he’s getting a second chance at living his best self!

Watch Derby’s inspiring story below!

Dogs can teach us what life is really about! There are thousands of dog stories on the internet and each one tells a unique, but universal story about love and the strong bonds between human and dog. Share some of your favorite stories in the comments below!