Dog owners know that canine companions are important members of their family. Just as you spend time with your parents or siblings, enjoying leisure time with your dog is equally important. If you want to take a break from your daily routine to relax on a vacation, you may want to bring your dog.

If you want a break from daily routines, why not schedule a vacation with your dog? Each year, an estimated 30 million people travel with their pets to locations around the world. But for a convenient trip to take with your dog, where in the U.S. should you travel? Let’s take a tour of great travel destinations for you and your dog.

1.The Finger Lakes, New York

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The Finger Lakes, located in central New York state, offer scenic lakeside towns that canines will love. The eleven fresh water lakes offer over 100 wineries and micro breweries for adults that also allow well-behaved canines to enjoy the premises. Red Tail Ridge, Fox Run, and Kings Garden are just a few where you can take your beloved pets. You can also find many local marinas that are pet-friendly. While you’re in the area, you and your dog can check out scenic view at Watkins Glen State Park which allows pets on leashes.

Don’t Miss: Farm Sanctuary or Dog-friendly vineyards

2. Chicago, Illinois

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The windy city is one of the best destinations for dogs and their owners. There are over 18 off-leash dog parks in the area, along with three dog-friendly beaches — check out Montrose Dog Beach — around Lake Michigan. If feel like shopping, check out the famous Navy Pier where you can take your pet in the shops and restaurants. Take a tour of the city aboard a 90-minute Mercury Canine Cruise so you both can cool off. The cruise offers water bowls and rest rooms for both of you!

Don’t Miss: Montrose Dog Beach

3. Austin, Texas

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Your four-legged family members will love Austin. With over a dozen off-leash parks and several walking tours, unleashed dogs will have a blast exploring. If you want to workout on vacation, try visiting Austin Doga where you can enjoy yoga with your dog. If you want to cool off after your workout, head over to Red Bud Isle, a well-known dog-only swimming spot. For lunch, there are several dog-friendly restaurants and bars. Head over to Austin’s very own Bow-Wow Bone mobile food truck that will entice your dog’s cravings. For dessert, the Groovy Dog Bakery has an array of sweet treats

Don’t Miss: Barton Creek Greenbelt and Zilker Metropolitan Parks

4. San Diego, California

San Diego is said to be a dream getaway for dogs and their owners. Start off your vacation by exploring the town with its 16 off-leash parks and several al fresco restaurants where you can sit with your pooch. Stroll through the Otay Ranch Town Center where you can browse through stores with Fido. For a spot of fun, take your dog to the dog-dedicated Dog Beach to run and fetch. Your pet will equally enjoy the Dog Wash for a relaxing dog bath and shampoo. At the end of the day, treat your pet to the Lighthouse Ice Cream shop where you can get Frosty Paws, soy-based sugar-free ice cream made for dogs. The Original Paw Pleasers, the dog-centric bakery also offers baked doggie snacks.

Don’t Miss: Lighthouse Ice Cream

5. Dog Camps

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Whether you want to take a trip in the summer or fall, Vermont’s Camp Gone to the Dogs or Camp Unleashed in GA or MA are a great adventures. Events are set up that teach you how to become a better dog mom or dad. You can listen to trainers and take part in interactive workshops. It’s fun to meet other dog owners, their pets, and share tips and ideas. These camps are sure to make a memorable vacation.

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6. Seattle, Washington

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Seattle is a very popular destination for dog owners. The city offers bountiful parks and open, green spaces to roll around in the grass with your dog. Take a cruise on the Seattle Ferry Services Sunday Ice Cream cruise which offers a great view of Seattle. If you feel like playing around with Buddy, book an appointment at the K9 Fun Zone offers an indoor dog playground and gym where you can workout with your beloved pup. Don’t forget to visit the Maymoor Dog Park also kinown as Doggy Disneyland. Your dog will be in good company; there are more dogs in Seattle than there are children!

Don’t Miss: Maymoor Unleashed Dog Park (AKA Doggy Disneyland)

Whether you’re traveling to the woods or the beach, your inquisitive pup will have quite the adventure. Traveling with your dog can be a world of fun and an eye-opening experience for both of you!