2404, 2017

Best Travel Destinations for You and Your Dog

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Dog owners know that canine companions are important members of their family. Just as you spend time with your parents or siblings, enjoying leisure time with your dog is equally important. If you want to [...]

2004, 2017

How to Pick the Right Dog Breed for Your Personality

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Are you thinking about adopting a canine? Choosing a specific dog breed can be a hard decision, especially if you love all dog types; there are hundreds of breeds! Some people choose their dog by [...]

304, 2017

Networking: It’s Not Just for Adults

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Communication, connection, collaboration; the three C’s of networking are crucial life skills. As you connect with others, you open doors to new perspectives, personalities, and opportunities. Whether professional or social, networking is an essential skill [...]

1003, 2017

Russell Refuge: A Terrier Haven in Rhinebeck, NY

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Jack Russell Terrier (JRT) owners know: these dogs are smart and very, very energetic. Jack Russells can be stubborn, too, which stems from the breed’s origin as a hunting dog. The traits and skills that [...]

2202, 2017

Best Dog-Friendly Places in NYC

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Most pet owners can relate to this: you’re headed out to the beach or your friend’s summer BBQ--and you desperately want to bring your dog along. It’s a bummer when pet owners want to spend [...]

902, 2017

5 Ways You Can Help Shelter Animals

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When it comes to saving the lives of stray dogs and cats and shelter animals, many people think the only way to help out is through volunteering at the local pound or animal rescue. While [...]